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60 all-new percussion samples to kick your beats into warp speed

WORMHOLE is a sound pack inspired by Hollywood’s portrayal of the theoretical spacetime tunnel. Inside are a collection of percussion samples that take your creativity into a new dimension with blistering bit-shredding and intense dynamics ramps.


• 60 all-new production-ready percussion instruments (that's over three 16-pad banks!) that generate new ideas with interstellar velocity

• Equipped with a complete set of essentials for 4-dimensional beat making: kicks, snares, tonal plucks, gritty cymbals, and a ton of auxiliary percussion to layer, slice, and re-arrange

• Bit-shredding effect brings out subtle rhythmic elements in core audio events

• Odd-point reverbs and slick filters combine for explosive results that seemingly come from no specific time or place

• Authored in the high-definition 24-bit domain for impressive dynamic range that pokes through your speakers


The sounds of WORMHOLE feature a cohesive sound design technique we call “bit shredding”—the art of automating varying bit depths within the same audio bite. We captured hundreds of sound events that “unfold” with non-linear transients. These core audio clips helped magnify the bit-shredding effect so we could shape their character with filters, odd-point reverbs and dynamics ramping.

Because of its highly “visual” appeal, WORMHOLE is the ideal companion for clean-sheet projects. With so much audio information per sample, they take the pain out of getting fresh ideas off the ground simply by exploring the pack. Seemingly from no specific time or place, they offer high-velocity movement and intense tonal remnants that have truly never been heard before. 


  • Pyro Audio samples work with all popular DAWs and groove production software that supports .WAV files. This includes (but is not limited to): Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, MPC Software, Maschine, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Studio One, iPad apps, and so on. 
  • Pyro Audio samples work with any hardware samplers that support 24-bit, 48 kHz .WAV files. Older samplers that do not support internal loading of 24-bit content will require that the samples be converted to 16-bit or lower. A number of free converter tools are available here so that if your requirements change, you can still use your Pyro collection.