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50 all-new, viciously designed snare drum samples that might just tear you to shreds

BEARTRAP puts tendon-snapping snares into your beats to lift them to the top of the food chain. Ferocious. Aggressive. Tense...all words you could use to describe the texture, tone, and ADSR of these new-to-the-world snare sounds. They're so forward-thinking, they should be outlawed.


• 50 all-new production-ready snare samples (that's over three 16-pad banks!) that grab your listener with an aggressive bite

• Built using raw snare captures, synthetic layering, and intricate ADSR manipulation

• Select samples feature core captures from Pyro's extensive snare collection: TAMA, Pork Pie, dw, and Sonor

• Snare sounds were designed to be loaded with texture, sizzle, tone, and grit

• Authored in the high-definition 24-bit domain for impressive dynamic range that pokes through your speakers


BEARTRAP is our third part-focused sample pack release, with Thunder and Pacemaker (kick drums and hi-hats, respectively) completing the trilogy. Each snare in this sample pack was crafted from scratch using a combination of raw captures, synthetic layering, and intricate ADSR manipulation. These instruments sound like nothing you've ever heard, bursting with primitive energy and wild textures. Pair them with your favorite kick samples and watch the ideas unfold in your mind. Simply put, the sounds of BEARTRAP mirror the now-illegal snaring device—tension-loaded and ready to snap with brute, unforgiving force.

BEARTRAP was captured and authored in the 24-bit / 96 kHz domain for exceptional translation of transient energy and dynamic range. It’s no secret that kicks and snares are the defining elements of a rhythm track, so we put additional emphasis on samples that would naturally poke through a mix without the need for heavy-handed processing. BEARTRAP excels as both a songwriting tool and as a way to refresh existing tracks with unique textures. Select Foley elements of BEARTRAP include rattling chains, ceramic mugs, aluminum foil, and of course our personal collection of snare drums featuring premium models from TAMA, Ludwig, Sonor, dw and Pork Pie. 


  • Pyro Audio samples work with all popular DAWs and groove production software that supports .WAV files. This includes (but is not limited to): Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, MPC Software, Maschine, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Studio One, iPad apps, and so on. 
  • Pyro Audio samples work with any hardware samplers that support 24-bit, 48 kHz .WAV files. Older samplers that do not support internal loading of 24-bit content will require that the samples be converted to 16-bit or lower. A number of free converter tools are available here so that if your requirements change, you can still use your Pyro collection.