Recording Studio Session Journal

Today's digital creatives know this scenario all to well: you're resuming your work on a project and can't quite remember the details. Your creative energy comes to a screeching halt as you try to reconcile the last session using a collection of scribbles, digital notes and file metadata. Enter the Recording Studio Session Journal from Pyro Audio.

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Audio content creators work within a fast-paced, collaborative workflow. The greatest producers and engineers know that staying organized is the key to staying in the creative zone and keeping projects moving. There's nothing worse than accidentally deleting the wrong project file or being unable to locate key session information needed to complete a paying gig. Pyro Audio's¬†Recording Studio Session Journal¬†solves this dilemma, providing an effortless way to document your sessions without the burden of long-form writing or worse‚ÄĒtrying to decipher a loose pile of sticky notes.

Effortless Documentation

Within the pages of this journal are an array of checkboxes and essential fields to make session documentation fast, not furious. There are also predefined spaces for drawings and/or observations that can accommodate signal flow charts, measurements, mic'ing methods, or even entire song ideas for example.

Even better, because every session's attributes are already in an easy-to-read format, the author can easily snap a picture of the session with their phone‚ÄĒperfect for sending to another collaborator or to accompany the session files in a backup folder. At the bottom of every session page is a production scorecard that helps producers keep track of session productivity and look for trends.

Recording music and sound is a highly rewarding activity that straddles art and science. With the Pyro Audio Recording Studio Session Journal, you can operate at peak creative speed while still maintaining the essentials required to engineer a great project.

Purchase on Amazon - Just $9.99
(select your country below)

(US) (UK) (DE) (FR) (ES) (IT) (JP) (CA) (AU)