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  • What makes you different than other sound libraries or services?
    • Before we get into the sounds, please note that our content is always from scratch and contains all original content.¬†This keeps¬†your sound¬†library constantly stocked with a¬†treasure trove of fresh, new ideas that you can use to define your signature sound¬†
    • We¬†publish content every single month, like clockwork, ensuring you're getting the most¬†out of the service while¬†challenging you to push the boundaries of music. You can purchase individual sound packs OR subscribe for a lower monthly cost that provides automatic delivery of every new pack. We priced Pyro so that there's zero risk, meanwhile your sound library expands with fresh content. Seriously, it's just $1.79 to supercharge your tracks.¬†
    • We're honestly tired of hearing the same old drum¬†sounds over and over. Selling you a classic drum machine sample pack¬†does not move the art of beat production forward or encourage new ideas very well.
    • We enjoy some sound libraries/services, but¬†found there was nothing special about getting sounds the entire planet also has access to at all times.¬†Nearly all producers latch onto new ideas through discovery of something they have never heard before,¬†so we wanted to¬†build on that experience‚ÄĒit's where the magic happens.
    • Our unique¬†synergy of¬†affordability and surprise sonic exploration is essentially risk free. We want to ignite your creativity.¬†Exorbitant prices and unoriginal sounds create pause, bottlenecking¬†the creative process.
  • Do Pyro Audio releases contain loops?
    • Pyro Audio releases feature one-shot samples, with an emphasis on percussion (kicks, snares, hi-hats,¬†transitions, textures, tonal drums, etc). Pyro is designed for elite music production and does not include loops, although¬†many¬†samples may contain enough audio content to be chopped and/or looped.
  • What format are Pyro releases?
    • Pyro releases contain a downloadable .zip file, which contains .WAV files. Samples are 24-bit, 48 kHz.
  • How many sounds are contained in each release?
    • At minimum we provide a few 16-pad banks worth, but there is no set minimum or maximum.¬†We find it absurd to provide¬†too few samples (or too many that have¬†no useable value)‚ÄĒquality, variety and depth are absolute benchmarks for¬†every Pyro Audio release.¬†
  • Will Pyro Audio content work with my hardware?
    • Because Pyro Audio releases feature .WAV files, there are very few limits to what gear you can use to create with, if any. Older samplers that do not support internal loading of 24-bit content will require that the samples be converted to 16-bit or lower. A number of free converter tools are available here¬†so that if your requirements change, you can still use your Pyro collection.
  • Will Pyro Audio content work with my software?
    • Virtually all audio software supports the use of .WAV files, including software samplers, drum modules, and beat making apps.
    • What are Pyro's sound sources?
      • Pyro Audio content is 100% original and not sampled from copyrighted recordings, ever. While we cannot divulge our secret sauce, we use a mind-boggling range of¬†techniques to craft our critically-acclaimed¬†textures. Pyro's sound designers capture new and innovative content every day using¬†a mix of conventional (and highly-unconventional) audio recording methods like location audio, folely, sound synthesis, and medium transfer. For example, if¬†sticking your rare, specialized $8,000 microphone out of a window in a rainstorm makes you cringe,¬†it probably got us excited. Leave the dirty¬†work¬†to us.
    • Do I need clearance to use Pyro samples?
      • You never need clearance to use Pyro Audio samples in your creations because all content is 100% original, and we give you permission to use it without limits. We do not and will not claim any ownership of the tracks you create with Pyro.
    • Will you¬†ever include signature sounds of well-known producers?
      • In short, no. There are endless ways to get signature sounds that already exist, but that is not what Pyro Audio is about. Pyro is about¬†blazing new trails. For the record, we have nothing¬†but admiration for well-known producers, and¬†celebrate their success. Many of them actually inspired us to take this journey. We¬†just hope you're next.


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    • How long do I have to download a release if I'm a subscriber?
      • You get a unique download code in your inbox every month which is valid¬†for 30 days, so download it right away.¬†Individual purchase links are also valid for 30 days.
    • What happens if I do not download a release within the 30-day window?
      • After¬†30 days, the unique, trackable link expires and you will not be able to download your sounds. Pyro is for producers who are serious about their craft, and as they say the early bird gets the worm.
    • Can I share/forward the¬†download link?
      • Download links will not work if forwarded, shared, or abused. The link you get is only for you, and will error out if abused.¬†
    • I just subscribed: What content do I get access to?
      • If you¬†subscribe¬†during the initial 30-days of that new releases availability, you can download that release immediately¬†until the end of the calendar month. Example: if you subscribe on the 10th of January, you can download¬†that month's release on the 10th, all the way until the 30th of January. On February 1st you would be sent the release that debuted that day.
    • Can you send me a floppy disc/SD card/CD-ROM/ZIP disc/DVD/hard drive instead of a download link?
      • Old habits die hard, but no. We still love you, though.

    Payments & Accounts

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      • How can I pay for Pyro?
        • We accept a wide variety of payments:¬†
          • All major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal (individual sound packs only), etc
      • How often will I be charged?
        • Monthly subscriptions are $1.79¬†and are billed each month (plus any applicable taxes, calculated at checkout)
        • Annual subscriptions are $14.99 plus applicable taxes (you save 30%) and are billed annually on your anniversary date. We recommend the annual payment because it's the simplest while providing the best value.
        • Individual sound pack purchases are charged at checkout.
      • Are payments secure?
        • Absolutely. Your payment¬†is processed¬†with¬†Stripe, which is one of the most¬†secure and widely supported payment services. Learn more about it here.¬†
      • Do I need to create an account?¬†
        • Yes as it allows you to specify the email address¬†we can send secure download links to. You can also view your billing history.¬†
      • What do you do with my account information and email address?¬†
        • Your account information is used solely to manage your subscription. Pyro will never sell or distribute your data to 3rd party companies. We also hate spammy emails, so don't expect any of those either‚ÄĒjust account information emails, Pyro content, and an occasional special.¬†
      • Can I give the¬†gift¬†of Pyro Audio to¬†someone else?
        • We're working on¬†electronic gift cards and will add them as soon as we are able to.
      • What is your return & cancellation policy?
        • All sales are final, and we do not offer any returns for digital goods. If you are not satisfied you may cancel at any time by emailing us.

      Technical Support

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      • What if I need technical support?
        • Pyro does not provide technical support for your hardware or software (DAWs, sequencers, samplers, etc). Please contact the manufacturer for assistance with your studio gear.¬†
      • I have a different question not answered here. Who should I contact?
        • You¬†may contact us by emailing contact@pyroaudio.com


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