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58 percussion samples from way downtown

MADNESS features new-to-this-world drum sounds dripping with the inimitable character of the hardwood experience—the game of basketball.  


NOTE from the sound designer: This is NOT a sound effects pack. The core sound events in MADNESS were the foundation for aggressively designed percussion samples and are not a traditional sound effect library.


• 58 all-new production-ready percussion instruments (that's over three 16-pad banks!) mutated from the sound events of the game of basketball

• Loaded with kicks, snares, auxiliary percussion and dissectible soundbites—some carrying brilliant natural reverbs and immersive "practically there" imaging

• Samples born from splattering basketballs, net swishes, rim shuddering, practice hardware, actual snare drums, kicks, hi-hats, and so much more

• Deep layering and "plain sight" hiding of core elements to preserve character while offering unique, production ready sounds

• Huge collection of snares and re-sampleable sound bites to shake up your tracks

• Re-energizes your existing projects, or acts as a fast jumpoff point for new ideas

• Authored in the high-definition 96 kHz, 24-bit domain for impressive dynamic range that pokes through your speakers


From the splattery punch of a basketball in an empty gymnasium to snares mic’d across the same hardwood floor, it pulls the best audible traits of the sport into the Pyro Audio sound design studio. We recorded hours of captures to extract the brilliant ADSR events of the purest basketball environment—the high school gymnasium—so you could create with 58 all-new samples.  

MADNESS’ unique flair comes from the evolution of basketball’s hallmark reverbs, ping-pong echoes, infinite front-to-back depth, and rubbery transients into ready-to-use drum sounds. This sound pack is so much more than balls bouncing—instead it mutates the gym’s hard surfaces and boxy imaging into kicks, snares, sound bites, and auxiliary percussion instruments that react like nothing this world has heard before. (continued…)

Fig 1.3 - mic’ing the nuance of basketball’s hallmark sound events such as net swooshes

Fig 1.1 - the near infinite decays and echoes of this gymnasium were brilliant


Fig 1.2 - preparing to capture snares in the empty gymnasium

The sample tails and organic echoes are nothing short of phenomenal, providing the most natural level of reverberation possible for this sound pack. These sound events were recorded in high-resolution 96 kHz in the 24-bit domain to preserve outstanding dynamic range. Special attention was paid to the gain staging of our Sound Devices recorder’s preamps—select captures exhibited exceptionally long reverb tails and our signal-to-noise ratio had to remain unusually favorable. 

These captures were only the beginning. We cleverly disguised these swishes, bounces, rim shudders and horns “in plain sight” so that they would retain their character, but not distract the listener into thinking it was a sound effects pack. Select samples feature up to five layers of sound events combined with synthesis and extensive envelope manipulation. The results speak for themselves as MADNESS stands alone as a kit or complements existing tracks to add a refreshing new feel, instantly. Oh, and the snares? There are 16 of them, each poking through your mix in the clutch when you need a jolt of inspiration.

This sound pack is royalty-free and yours to use for as long as you possess it. 


  • Pyro Audio samples work with all popular DAWs and groove production software that supports .WAV files. This includes (but is not limited to): Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, MPC Software, Maschine, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Studio One, iPad apps, and so on. 
  • Pyro Audio samples work with any hardware samplers that support 24-bit, 48 kHz .WAV files. Older samplers that do not support internal loading of 24-bit content will require that the samples be converted to 16-bit or lower. A number of free converter tools are available here so that if your requirements change, you can still use your Pyro collection.