Cinch Speaker Pole Sleeves

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Manage PA cables in a Cinch

Only from Pyro Audio, the patent pending Cinch Speaker Pole Sleeve offers DJ's, live sound engineers, and corporate A/V technicians a faster way to present a clean, organized setup to their audience. They cinch your loudspeaker's cabling to their supporting speaker stands, instantly upgrading your rig to a more professional look while eliminating the potential for snags—which can lead to nightmarish power and audio interruptions.



Available Sizes
Length (imperial) Length (metric)
Small 5.5 inches 14 cm
Medium 11 inches 28 cm
Large 30 inches 76 cm



While loudspeaker cabling is an essential variable in live sound reinforcement, it is a challenge to manage neatly when the clock is ticking. Cable ties are OK, but are time consuming to apply in numbers—especially if you have to swap out a cable. Letting your cables dangle is a visual eyesore and a tripping hazard that could ruin your opportunity for a referral. The Speaker Pole Sleeve solves all of these issues and work with any speaker pole for 35mm pole sockets—the industry standard.


Once your cable routing is complete, simply zip a Speaker Pole Sleeve around your speaker poles and cables—that's it! They stretch to accommodate multiple cables (power, audio, DMX, etc), too. We offer three Speaker Pole Sleeve sizes to accommodate shorter and longer speaker poles from all brands, including their adjustment hardware. Use one, or use a combination of different sizes without sacrificing functionality or appearance. Breakdown is just as easy. 


You could fuss with cable ties, but you've got enough to juggle at your event. Opposed to velcro cable ties, our zip-up design reduces your cabling to one anchor point so that spur-of-the-moment changes and cable swaps are a breeze. In the heat of the moment we save you time, all while providing a polished, professional aesthetic. After breakdown, leave them on the speaker pole or fold them up for compact storage between gigs. They even cover up scuffs and paint scrapes to make your speaker poles look like new.


We use a high-density ultra-tough stretchable fabric with athletics-grade zippers for reliable, routine use. The forgiving matte finish is never a distraction, and is washable if need be. 




    • Instantly organizes and cleans up cable clutter on pole-mounted loudspeakers
    • Sleek, smooth fit on any standard 35mm (1-3/8 inches) diameter pole including tripods & sub-mounted poles (99% of every speaker pole made)
    • Perfect for weddings, corporate A/V, theater, and live music
    • Incredible time savings during setup and breakdown
    • Pulls power, audio, and other cables together for a sleek, clean appearance
    • Expandable fabric accommodates several cables
    • Fast zip/unzip for hassle-free adjustments and cable swapping 
    • Various sizes allow for configuration around clamps, knobs, and security pins
    • Can be folded/rolled up, or left on the speaker pole for versatile storage
    • Available in Small (14cm / 5.5-inch), Medium (28cm / 11-inch) and Large (76cm, 30-inch)
    • Patent pending