[PRESS RELEASE] Pyro Audio Launches

One-of-a-kind audio sample service helps music producers hack their creativity like clockwork.

GRISWOLD, CT USA – JULY 4, 2018.  Pyro Audio (pyroaudio.com), today announces the debut of a next-generation sound library service for electronic music production. Designed as an explosive creative catalyst, Pyro Audio stockpiles producers’ sound libraries with avant-garde samples every month, automatically.

Each monthly release contains sonically-rich samples developed to hack the process of auditioning new sounds, enabling the explosive creativity that typically results. These samples can be a jumpoff point, a finishing touch, or anywhere between. Unique to Pyro, each release is archived forever after 30 days of availability, ensuring the art of beat production is always progressing forward.

Pyro Audio caters to music producers and performers who utilize audio samples to build percussive tracks using DAWs (Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, et al.), hardware samplers, and hybrid instruments such as the Akai Professional MPC, Native Instruments Maschine, and Ableton Push series among countless others.


Pyro Audio’s sounds are developed with a refreshing range of techniques using an even wider range of equipment that emphasizes practically-visible textures. Pyro also includes wet/dry variations of select samples, letting producers fuse the thrill of “new” with their signature touches. Pyro sounds are completely organic and are in the .WAV format for near-universal use in the most popular groove production software and hardware.


On the 1st of every month or upon signup, Pyro Audio members receive an email notification containing a unique download link for Pyro Audio’s latest sample pack release. After 30 days of availability, that release is archived permanently—never to be distributed by Pyro again.

Pyro Audio Founder and Sound Designer Eric Palonen noted “I found that so many producers had these supernovas of creativity after latching onto a particular sound they liked. Maybe it was a ride cymbal from a garage sale keyboard or the crack of a wooden floorboard while working around the house, but regardless, these micro-moments would ignite entire songs effortlessly. As it turns out these moments are impossible to predict yet common to most of us.”

“I also found that the gap between discovering a new texture and implementing it into my projects had far too many steps. I wanted Pyro Audio to combine the thrill of sonic discovery with immediate usability—all while guaranteeing that what I heard was not tired. Classic drum machines and artist packs are everywhere, so Pyro had to be fresh and immediate in order to inspire creativity.”

The service’s focus on limited-edition-only releases affirms Pyro Audio’s commitment to exploring new ideas.

Palonen continued “To make an analogy, not all buffet food is fresh. The general availability of sounds is not the issue here. However, fetching inspiring textures can tax your creative energy. We archive every release after 30 days without exception so that you are guaranteed to always have new sounds on the way. And because we deliver sounds to you automatically, it requires zero effort to build a cutting-edge library that you can use without limits. It’s a refreshing complement to your existing sound sources.”


Pyro Audio offers monthly delivery for $1.79 when paid by the month, or $1.25/month when 12 months are paid for up front (a one-time $14.99 charge). To celebrate their launch, the first month of an annual membership is free using promo code “TRYPYRO”, reducing risk to absolutely zero.

“It was important for us to price Pyro as a no-brainer. We think of it as an investment in your craft and should be invisible to what you do every day. Further, we did not want to support this venture with distracting advertising. Pyro is ad-free, and will never clog your inbox with marketing emails. Just new sounds and your account status as needed—all for less than a cup of coffee every 30 days.” said Palonen.

PyroAudio.com is live, with Volume 1 slated for an August 1, 2018 release.


  • 100% always-new sample packs direct-to-producer
  • Automatic delivery builds sound libraries with zero effort
  • Always limited-edition sounds—available for 30 days before being archived to make way for the next release
  • Practically invisible to any budget
  • Royalty-free, unlimited-use samples once downloaded
  • Developed for the future of music production
  • No annoying marketing emails or in-line advertising
  • Monthly delivery at just $1.79/month when paid by the month, or $14.99 for a year up front ($1.25/month)


About Pyro Audio and Founder Eric Palonen

Pyro Audio was founded by sound designer & engineer, studio owner, audiophile, and technology advocate Eric Palonen. Palonen’s pro audio career began in 2004 at Sennheiser/Neumann in the support and marketing of transducer technologies, and continued to inMusic Brands—home of Akai Professional, Alesis, M-Audio, Air Music Technology, and others. You can learn more about Pyro Audio here: www.pyroaudio.com

For media queries and additional information please contact Pyro Audio / contact@pyroaudio.com