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70 nightmarish percussion samples with eerie, haunting decays and disturbing modulations

GOBLIN brings the tense, dark ambiance of a bad dream and fuses it to the visual experience of instrumental beat making. With drastic dynamics and brooding envelopes, this sound pack is an intense peek into your subconscious fears. 


• 70 all-new production-ready percussion samples (that's over four 16-pad banks!) that seemingly haunt the listener

• Crafted using hi-definition drum captures routed through complex layers of effects chains

• Select samples feature up to 3 unique reverbs working in concert to shape the depth and extension of the core sound events

• Stacked with a plethora of kicks, snares, and cymbals to generate a breadth of unique content, instantly

• Authored in the high-definition 24-bit domain for impressive dynamic range that pokes through your speakers


This is GOBLIN, an all-new collection of 70 percussion samples with the eerie, tense textures found in the deepest corners of your subconscious. Haunting decays, disturbing modulations and drastic dynamics stitch a highly-visual universe together in your mind, standing on their own as a relative drum kit or helping pull your current projects in twisted new directions. GOBLIN is the perfect counterpart to brooding synths and filtered pads, but also sample-based phrases and organic lo-fi clips. 

Like virtually all Pyro Audio sound packs, GOBLIN was authored in the 24-bit / 96 kHz domain to maintain punchy dynamics before being rendered into sampler-friendly .WAV files. Unique to this sound pack, we crafted a bespoke series of effects chains with complex routing and layering techniques—some of them using three different reverbs at one time—each contributing shape, depth, and extension to the core transients. The results are impossible to replicate without the session files and base samples, putting a one-of-a-kind set of samples in your library with an inimitable DNA. 

GOBLIN is a robust set of samples you can use today—kicks, snares, and cymbals dominate this pack to provide instant vibe at the core of your percussion tracks. Auxiliary percussion, transitions, and toms round out the volume, adding the perfect finishing touches to your next dark masterpiece. 


  • Pyro Audio samples work with all popular DAWs and groove production software that supports .WAV files. This includes (but is not limited to): Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, MPC Software, Maschine, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Studio One, iPad apps, and so on. 
  • Pyro Audio samples work with any hardware samplers that support 24-bit, 48 kHz .WAV files. Older samplers that do not support internal loading of 24-bit content will require that the samples be converted to 16-bit or lower. A number of free converter tools are available here so that if your requirements change, you can still use your Pyro collection.