Volume 8 - TOYS
71 Drum & Percussion samples
Available: 3/1/19-3/31/19

Pyro Audio sound pack volume 8 TOYS binaural 3d audio spatial Neumann KU100 for mpc maschine ableton reason logic fl studio 



The eighth sound pack in our limited-edition series, TOYS, was an unmistakable arsenal of percussion sounds extracted from sonically rich playthings. Recast from non-musical and musical objects alike, TOYS presented producers with textured instruments brimming with intense dynamics. Spanning modified mini-drum sets, gumball machines, building blocks, motorized RC cars, fidgets, and so much more, this 71 sample sound pack was a bold and colorful “glue” for broken rhythm tracks.



TOYS was stuffed with jump-off sounds, transitions, core drums, accents, and plenty of surprises to amplify your moment of inspiration. They provided refreshing new takes on new beat production elements such as kicks and snares, but worked especially well as rut-busting replacements for stale drums on existing projects. Captured using 4 different mics (including binaural captures) and shuttled through ultra-high-resolution Apogee conversion, these sounds offered you an entire pallet of new colors to excite your tracks.

NOTE: TOYS was NOT a documentary capture of children’s toys and their respective sounds. It contained core sound events from play objects that had been creatively mutated from their original form.

TOYS was archived at the end of March 2019—never to be sold or distributed ever again.


Join Pyro Audio and we'll deliver sound packs to you every month, along with our latest release via an instant download link right to your inbox. Oh, and it's free with promo code TRYPYRO (seriously). For the record, TOYS contained...

  • 71 all-new, production-ready drum sounds pulled from sonically rich toys and fused into the sounds of the future (that's over 4 16-pad banks!); kicks, snares, aux percussion, hats, transitions and lots of fun surprises
  • each sample was extracted from toys—some musical in nature and some that are not—gumball machines, modded mini-drum sets, classic tabletop games, motorized RC cars, and more
  • samples feature a focus on transient-rich sounds with poke-thru dynamics
  • completely new and unique textures that can be used as standalone drum kits, jumpoff points, or to replace stale drum sounds 
  • captured using state-of-the-art microphones and recorders including ultra-high resolution binaural captures passed thru Apogee conversion


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