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The seventh sound pack in our limited-edition series, CHOPPED, was an eclectic collection of percussion samples straight from the kitchen and culinary arts. From grocery aisles to tabletop tools we developed the most interesting drum sounds currently available and infused our signature twist to spice up your productions—literally.

This release contained completely organic hi-resolution audio captures that were repurposed, transformed, seasoned, expanded, reduced, blended and otherwise cooked to perfection. It included clashing cutlery, crunchy kicks, appliance power-downs and so much more to offer an entire pantry of sounds to entice your listeners.

CHOPPED contained 80 one-of-a-kind percussion sounds inspired by the premise of the hit television show. It imparted the resourceful creativity of a Master chef onto the science-fiction sound design Pyro has become known for. This collage of sounds offered genre bending versatility for impactful and memorable beat creation. Select highlights include cymbals drafted from the evaporation of stovetop water droplets, kicks extracted from packed cereal boxes, splattering spoons and mixer power-downs.

NOTE: CHOPPED was NOT a sound effects pack. It contained core sound events from the culinary arts that were mutated from their original form.

CHOPPED was a limited edition sound pack and was archived at the end of February 2019—never to be sold or distributed ever again.


Simply join Pyro Audio and we'll deliver an instant download link right to your inbox. Oh, and it's free with promo code TRYPYRO. For the record, CHOPPED contained:

  • 80 all-new, production-ready drum sounds from the kitchen of tomorrow (that's 5 16-pad banks!); kicks, snares, power-downs, shakers, transitions and plenty of surprises
  • each sample was born from the kitchen or culinary arts—foods, utensils, appliances, ingredients, tabletop cooking, and more!
  • completely new and unique textures can be used standalone or to add flavor to existing tracks
  • captured using state-of-the-art microphones and recorders