Pyro Audio sound pack volume 6 binaural 3d audio spatial Neumann KU100 for mpc maschine ableton reason logic fl studio



The sixth sound pack in our limited-edition series, SURROUNDED was an incredible collection of ground-breaking percussion samples for layered beat making. SURROUNDED was the world’s first beat-making sound pack with 100% spatial audio content—sounds that place the listener in the center of an uncanny 3D sound field when listened to on headphones.


These samples can liberate producers from the limitations of left-right panning, allowing them to place samples above, below, behind, and around the listener—
WITHOUT the need for any special software or plugins. Thanks to Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) and the use of a rare and specialized binaural recording microphone, these samples perfectly translate the “being there” experience with the uniquely inspiring timbres Pyro is known for harvesting. Examples include tambourines at your toes, surround claps, shakers that fly by your head, and cymbal swells that appear to be suspended from a ceiling. Traditional stereo samples are included as well, each benefiting from the natural experience of binaural audio capture.

These spatial samples also provided beat makers with additional real estate when stacking instruments. Imagine a track where you can truly utilize the “height” (top to bottom) AND “depth” (front-to-back) of a sound field. These samples also make amazing counterparts to existing percussion sounds by adding interest to tracks or parts needing additional engagement. With a large percentage of music being listened to on headphones, consumers can experience music in an entirely new way—even on entry-level earbuds. 


    • Using these samples requires NO specialized software or hardware for production or playback. Headphones are recommended to best experience spatial affects. On loudspeakers, the affect is translated to an ultra-wide stereo field.
    • All samples include audio information in both channels, which are necessary to communicate the localization effect.
    • Some instruments such as kick drums are harder to localize as their sound waves tend to be more omni-directional, so samples that do NOT feature a strong localization affect are excluded.
    • Some effects such as compression and EQ may minimize spatial localization affects, as a true head-related transfer function requires a constant between the binaural channels. You are of course free to (and encouraged) to apply effects to taste, but we have excluded them from this release to preserve the 3D characteristics. Happy experimenting!
    • Samples presented “Behind” “Hi” and “Lo” translate the localization effects best when mixed at lower volumes.  Your brain has spent its entire life realizing these sounds at lower decibel levels—do the same and you will create incredibly immersive tracks!

The sound pack included 133 all-new sounds that demonstrate the untapped potential of spatial audio. SURROUNDED also featured core percussion instruments such as kick drums, snares and hi-hats, but truly shines with auxiliary percussion such as shakers, hand drums, sfx such as vinyl textures and cymbals. There are a few “player position” samples that put the listener in the same position as the percussion performer. Producers are especially encouraged to experiment with these sounds on existing tracks as even one new instrument positively change the dramatic intrigue of an entire song.

SURROUNDED was a limited edition sound pack and will be archived at the end of January 2019—never to be sold or distributed ever again. 


Join Pyro Audio and we'll deliver new sounds right to your inbox, every single month. It's free to try with promo code TRYPYRO. For the record, SURROUNDED contained

  • 133 all-new, production-ready 3D sounds from tomorrow (that's 8+ 16-pad banks!); kicks, snares, hats, shakers, cymbals and plenty of surprises
  • each sample translates the placement of a binaural head-microphone to drop you into a state-of-the-art recording environment under, above, in front of, behind, and sometimes in the middle of percussion instruments
  • stunning, immersive samples that add liberate producers who find themselves handcuffed by traditional Left/Right panning arrangements
  • captured with the revered and rare Neumann KU100
  • samples can offer various localizations such as front, back, above, below, left, right, and surround
  • perfect for layering existing drum tracks