Volume 3 - ARTISAN
Available: 10/1/18-10/31/18





ARTISAN included 77 from-scratch percussion samples built from the ground up—literally. From crackling, out-of-this-world snares to unspooled slammy transitions (you’d know this sample when you heard it), this sound pack contained contemporary percussion sounds mutated by the tonal & transient elements native to building materials, tools, and their natural rhythms. 

Production-ready as a standalone kit, or used to complement existing instruments & grooves, every sound breathes a refreshing, unexpected energy into your project.

 NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SOUND EFFECTS SOUND PACK and does not contain documentary-style captures of these tools or use-events.

ARTISAN’s textures were articulated—in various forms—with the ADSR of each captured sound. The dynamic range in this release existed with a completely unique transient blueprint versus that of a purpose-made instrument (a kick drum or cymbal, for example). Captured with a dizzying array of microphones (11 to be exact) that extract the microscopic essence of a craftsman’s work, ARTISAN is organic sound design at its finest.

Splintered woods, resonant metals, tonal plastics, strikes, rubs, slides, drops—it’s all there—but woven seamlessly into the sounds of tomorrow. Impeccably balanced, ARTISAN introduces a creativity to your tracks that would otherwise take months to blend, layer and refine.

ARTISAN was a limited edition sound pack and was archived at the end of October 2018—never to be sold or distributed ever again.

Join Pyro Audio and we'll deliver new sounds right to your inbox on the 1st of every month. It's free to try with promo code TRYPYRO. For the record, ARTISAN contained:

  • 77 all-new, futuristic production-ready sounds (that's 4+ 16-pad banks!)
  • every sample weaves in transients and natural rhythms of raw building materials, and artisan tools
  • samples fuse contemporary design elements with organic textures
  • woods, metals, plastics, slides, pulls, slams, drops and so much more bring snares, transitions, kicks, and auxiliary percussion to life
  • wet and dry variations of select samples for instant inspiration
  • balanced perfectly to add unique character to core percussion instruments without dominating or distracting listeners
  • captured with a total of 11 different microphones
  • Instant inspiration