Pyro Audio Sound Pack Volume 2 Oxide


 Volume 2 - OXIDE
Available: 9/1/18-9/30/18
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OXIDE featured 105 percussion samples that ALL passed through 1/8" analog cassette tape using Pyro Audio’s hand-selected, Japanese hi-fidelity tape deck. OXIDE wasn't a lo-fi only sound pack...it was even better. The samples actually fused the benefits of ultra-high resolution digital audio design with the character and charm of the iconic cassette tape. During the design process, these desirable micro-effects such as warble, flutter, distortion, broadband noise (tape noise) soaked the OXIDE samples with an inimitable sonic DNA.

Specific samples were captured direct-to-tape before their digital editing, while other designed samples were transferred to tape, then back to the editing suite via the tape deck’s playback head. These samples were processed using high and medium gain stages to offer various levels of desirable magnetic particle saturation and S/N ratio.

This pack also featured sounds that were captured from the record tape head, offering deeper sample detail while integrating the deck’s analog circuitry. The result is a magical depth of field that is impossible to recreate using plug-ins. ZERO analog medium simulation plug-ins were used to create these tape effects (and affects)—they are the real deal.

Lastly, none of the cassette tapes from your personal collection were harmed or eaten by an old, poorly maintained or malfunctioning tape deck.

OXIDE was a limited edition sound pack and was archived at the end of September 2018—never to be sold or distributed ever again.

Join Pyro Audio and we'll deliver new sounds right to your inbox on the 1st of every month. It's free to try with promo code TRYPYRO. For the record, OXIDE contained:

  • 105 all-new production-ready sounds (that's six+ 16-pad banks!); distinctive but versatile enough for practically any genre
  • every sample integrated the characteristics of the iconic analog cassette tape
  • samples incorporated micro-effects from the magnetic particle medium, input GAIN circuitry, and PLAYBACK & RECORD tape heads fused with modern design elements
  • contained a plethora of kicks, snares, hats, claps, hand drums, transitions, snarling cymbals, auxiliary percussion and a few surprises
  • wet and dry variations of specific samples for instant inspiration
  • sticky, warm, and inimitable textures
  • processed with a hand-selected Japanese hi-fi enthusiast cassette deck
  • completely unique stereo depth that translates on headphones and speakers