Volume 1 - PUNCH
Available: 8/1/18-8/31/18
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This sound pack—titled PUNCH—was designed to infuse your sample library with aggressive, all-original hard hitting samples that poke through your mix. It featured 49 highly percussive sounds that let you craft all-new tracks or energize existing projects with an abundance of smack.

PUNCH was a limited edition sound pack and was archived at the end of August 2018—never to be sold or distributed ever again. 


Join Pyro Audio and we'll deliver new sounds right to your inbox on the 1st of every month. It's free to try with promo code TRYPYRO. For the record, PUNCH contained:

  • 49 all-new sounds (that's over three 16 pad banks!) you can use right now
  • kicks, stabs, snares, hats, transitions and so much more
  • wet and dry variations of select samples
  • punchy, in-your-face transients
  • incredible clarity and dynamic range